Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Become a BSN in just 8 months!

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a four-year program offered at many colleges and universities throughout the United States. One example is some colleges encourage to use the knowledge gained during training in practical medical facilities. Some programs end with clinical residency to support the transition from trainee to nurse.


The BSN program is popular among international students because it offers good job prospects and a good salary upon completion. The demand for BSN is high as the current generation resigns, which means there are many jobs in the US.

BSN Accelerated Programs

These programs are often referred to as second degree programs and are usually targeted at students who have completed a previous degree. These accelerated undergraduate programs offer the fastest way to become a registered nurse and usually last 12-18 months. These programs are implemented on a competitive basis and are developing rapidly, but many foreign students like this learning environment.


A couple of schools offering BSN accelerated programs include the following

Other Universities offer an accelerated bachelor's program in nursing science, which allows students with a bachelor's degree to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing in just 14 months. The program is intended for hardworking students who can keep up with the fast pace of teaching from respected professors. Students will learn from a combination of lectures, research, and clinical research. The program requires full attention and complete dedication to learning. However, this is more than helpful as you can become a nurse practitioner in just a year.

RN to BSN Programs

These programs are intended for ADN who want to convert their studies into a Bachelor of Science (BSN) qualification. Programs are available both on campus and online. Online RN to BSN programs are a popular choice among students who want to continue to study while working.

What are the requirements for a Bachelor’s in Nursing?

Requirements vary program to program and are a key factor in considering your higher education options. A number of course and GPA requirements or a test of Essential Academic Skills may be necessary for enrollment. Further interest in human services, healthcare, biology, or chemistry are helpful.


The BSN program is designed to prepare you to become an effective and professional nurse in an evolving health care environment.


Recent health care reforms launched by the provincial government emphasize health promotion, disease prevention, and community-based health care. These changes mean new opportunities for today’s nursing grads, who are recognized as major contributors to health care reform.

As a graduate, you are prepared to practice in hospitals or in the community — and at many different levels.

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