Our Story

Education is frequently the foundation of someone’s development and can change their lifestyles in huge ways. We here at EDUConnect work hard to provide college students with the information they want and need while considering a degree program that may impact their lives for years to come.


Understanding the impact of our technological talents, knowledge of driving high-quality traffic, and our passion for helping others, EDUConnect was drafted into the Educational field. EDUConnect, works hard to help aspiring students connect with prospective nursing colleges, a goal we achieve each and every day.


EDUConnect not only grows enrollments, but helps you attract the brightest minds to join your school and reach their potential.


Social Mission

​To create educational opportunities for millions of people around the world.

Work With A Purpose


EDUConnect is helping aspiring students connect with prospective colleges. We work with companies that share our passion for helping provide the foundation and development of student success.


As a team, we will use the most proven effective strategies to grow your enrollments and change lives in the process.

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An Overview


At EduConnect, we’re making a positive impact on lives.


We envision ourselves being the most impactful agency for education organizations. We strive to get there by using our unbeatable strategy to help others reach their goals.


At EDUConnect, we have a team of top talent with passions for using their skills and knowledge to change lives and empower others, one search at a time. Whether it’s content development, marketing, or research, we’re driven by knowing we’re making an impact for schools and students alike.

Our Principles


Over the years at EDUConnect, we have come to know several aspects that have led to our growth and success:


We are passionate about implementing proven strategies we know help make your campaign efforts successful. We stay humble and grateful knowing the hard work from our partnership will tremendously benefit students and change lives.


We are driven to achieve exceptional outcomes by pushing ourselves and those around us to be skillful, resourceful and accountable for any problems that may arise. We push innovation and aim to exceed goals and expectations.


We are extremely skilled in the areas of our expertise and continuously push our growth and development. We’re happy to help educate our clients whenever needed.


We keep close attention to detail in all aspects of our account management. Every step of the way, we’re focused on accurate results and stay on our toes for any potential problems.

Meet our Leadership Team


EDUConnect is a group of bright, creative, driven people that  collectively  focus their knowledge and skills to positively impact the lives of others. Throughout our partnership, you’ll have access to any of us at any time.

Damian Lopez

Founder and CEO of EDUConnect

Damian is an accomplished, bona fide digital marketing and tech aficionado. As a master of his craft, Damian uses his passion for education, raw creative talent, and innovative technical skills to bring considerable solutions to the future of his industry. As Founder and CEO of EDUConnect, Damian sustains his creation, implementation, and building of EDUConnect’s vision and mission, aligning short and long term objectives and goals. Damian has helped thousands of students from across the USA, and students entering the USA achieve their educational goals. Through thorough guidance, process information, educational partnerships,  career pathing, and connection to the right colleges, Damian is helping grow their fulfilling purpose in life. Damian continues to be an avid problem solver for colleges. His ingenious mind is always seeking new ways to help educational organizations overcome their challenges with enrollment growth.

Imran Shehzad

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

As a truly honest and hard-working leader, we are grateful to have Imran as our incredible CTO. As a pioneer in management and creativity, Imran encompases totality in the field. Web design, development, data analyzing and database administration are amongst the top of his skillset. Working with Imran is working with a tech guru who understands, monitors, and executes without flaw. With 20  years of experience in his field, he’s always making bold and intellectual predictions for the future of his field.

In addition to his work for EDUConnect, he is CEO of eDATAEXPERT where he provides diligent digital solutions to the world. He always leads his team from the front. He always keeps the morale of his team high and continuously provides a quality work environment. By great leading experience, and under wise and sophisticated supervision, he takes the eDATAEXPERT to its next level of fame.

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Warda Zanab

Head of Software Development

It’s such a pleasure to introduce Warda, a brilliant individual who always finds an abundance of passion in her work and enjoys her duties. As Head of Software Development, Warda creates and maintains software documentation. Accountable for the successful delivery of software and IT support, she highly holds her responsibility of troubleshooting, maintaining, expanding and scaling sites, and cooperates with web designers to match visual design intent.

Asad Ali

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

As a motivated, selfless  leader, Asad is committed to his devotion to our business and partners. Asad works hard as he oversees other directors to continue our mission, and bring value and plans for short and long-term goals. Asad never fails to identify and address problems and opportunities for the company. You’ll never meet a stronger advocate of building alliances and partnerships with other organizations while supporting worker communication within the management team.

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Waseem Shehzad

Director of Business Development


When it comes to personality, Waseem can’t be beat.  Waseem keeps morale high with the fun and passion he brings to work and the relationships with our clients. He has an incredible aptitude to bring balance to any project. He holds responsibility  for aspects of the company’s sales and marketing functions, including adding key accounts, developing and managing sales and marketing budgets. He excels with his superb coordination skills and magic planning / strategy ability to build brand presence. Think you can beat him at a game of chess? Think again. Waseem always has a rational plan to deal or will manage the risk.

Also, in addition to his efforts at EDUConnect, Waseem is CFO at eDATAEXPERT along side Imran. Not only is he a leader in business development with us, he’s been simultaneously leveraging excellent investing strategies and overseeing budgets across departments.

Hamza Mushtaq

Director of Marketing & Graphics

As meticulous and creative as they come, Hamza leads and guides our marketing efforts. When he’s not traveling and building life memories outside of work, you will find her overseeing accounts for the entire department, monitoring and evaluating marketing activities and results, and directing research efforts.  Ultimately, he is responsible for overseeing the development and delivery of completely integrated marketing strategies and undoubtedly does a fantastic job.

Did we mention his creativity? With a lifelong passion for art, Hamza’s talent of design and attention to detail allows his to create visual concepts that inform, inspire and captivate any audience.

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Enroll more high quality students, spend less money.


Do these sound like your questions?

  • Do we have decreasing retention rates?

  • How can we grow our enrollments while lowering our cost per lead?

  • How should we make our school stand out when the educational industry is highly competitive?

  • How must we change to align our marketing efforts  with an ever-changing educational market?