Enroll more high-quality students and spend less on SEO and AdWords

Looking to grow your enrollments? Education-specific AdWords find the perfect students.

EDUConnect is 100% focused on education. 


While working with us, most colleges, universities, trade schools and e-learning platforms meet (or exceed) their cost per enrollment goals while increasing lead volume by 3-5 times.

What would you do with 3-5 times more leads?

The right students are searching for your school.

The majority of students encounter over 1,000 digital touchpoints before completing a lead form.

86% of your potential students watch YouTube at least 3X daily.

76% of your potential students use Google to research your school’s programs after initial introduction.

Non-branded searches are now up 15%, verifying the demand in education.

How easy can students find your school? 

The education industry is highly competitive.

You’re fighting for a higher position in the rankings because 15% more ads come up per query.

Your total spend is increasing with Non-Branded search CPC up 10%.


Pressure is increased with the average students filling out at least 6 lead forms.


Have a specialist solely focused on education.

At EDUConnect, we help similar education organizations that are:

Falling short of enrollment goals

Overpaying to acquire students

Using an inadequate Omni-Channel AdWords system

Struggling to contrast from the competition

Not using a specialist

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With our exclusive focus on education, we can increase high quality leads, decrease onboarding time and offer solutions fitted for your school.

Increase enrollment and save money working with our education and enrollment specialists. 


Not working with an enrollment specialist?

Working with EDUConnect, you’ll benefit from our blueprint we’ve perfected through the years. We have dedicated countless hours and resources to help students and colleges connect on a much more meaningful level. 


Within 29 days of putting our system into action, our clients have saved 20% in acquisition costs, on average.


Committed, personal and visionary leadership

Develop and communicate the school’s brand

Analyze enrollment results and set goals

Devote resources to the staff and the team

Launch a parent ambassadors program

Consistent follow-up with inquiries

Re-recruit your current families

Implement a word of mouth marketing campaign

Focus resources on the school’s website

Generate leads through online marketing strategies

Tell your school’s story online

Aggressively use financial aid to generate revenue

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YouTube & Display Prospecting

On average, 86% of potential students watch YouTube 3X per day. With a variety of audience targeting, we are able to introduce your school before your competitors. Students who are engaged in the introduction stage are 60% more likely to fill out a lead form.

Search Engine Marketing

After the initial introduction, 76% of potential students research schools and programs on Google. The key to long term success is having the right strategy with an enrollment growth specialist.

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Funnel Optimization

Increase enrollments by converting existing leads. From lead to enrollment, we analyze the funnel and give tailored recommendations on improving conversion rates.

YouTube & Display Re-Engagement

With increased distractions, it’s important to continuously remind potential students of your unique reasons in why they should join your school.

Benefits of partnering with us.

Industry knowledge

Work with enrollment specialists experienced in the education industy’s compliance regulations.


We produce high quality leads that convert to enrollment.


Communication is quick and frequent, constantly producing new ideas and timely result evaluations.

Data-Focused Decision Making

Daily, monthly and weekly reports are provided and data-focused action is taken.

Pro activity

Our Enrollment Specialists proactively push your account forward.

Enroll more high quality students, spend less money.