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Marketing Solutions

Our vision of what is happening now and of what you want to come to. To learn more, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


We create education websites that have content-rich resources and are used by thousands of students to help them make an informed decision regarding their post-secondary options. While schools compete by bidding on trademark terms, our goal is to target high rated keywords based on students’ areas of study.

Analytical Insights

Let us leverage our data and our team of data scientists to set up advertising campaigns that are designed around your school and your goals.

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Flexible Support

Social Media

Audience Targeting on social networks has several advantages over classic marketing and other online promotion tools. Advertising on social networks is interactive, if successful, quickly spreads over word of mouth, has an ad-free format, and it can easily be focused on the desired audience.

Email Marketing

The advanced automated software that we are using will allows us to engage thousands of students with engaging content and support them through the process of making a decision.

Our creative marketing support team is willing to provide your goals and ideas with a high level of service that corresponds to your unique needs.


Our mission is to provide the best educational start possible by offering professional help and assistance, encouraging connections between schools, students and health care professionals.

Wondering How We Help Our Clients?

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By building lasting relationships

By supporting them on the way

By listening to their needs

Here’s How We Deliver for Our Clients


There is no longer any need to spend money on various specialists. We always strive to be proactive, anticipating customer expectations.


We understand that our activities affect not only the business of a partner, but also the quality of life of the end user. Together we can build a new online education environment where everyone will be aware of their mission, and all our activities will unite around the formation of values ​​for society.


RESPONSIBILITY is a necessary condition for our work. TRUST in all relations inside and outside the company. Full transparency of the process.

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Enroll more high quality students, spend less money.


Do these sound like your questions?


  • Do we have decreasing retention rates?

  • How can we grow our enrollments while lowering our cost per lead?

  • How should we make our school stand out when the educational industry is highly competitive?

  • How must we change to align our marketing efforts  with an ever changing educational market?